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Supporting Materials from Events

  • Mindful Anti-Racism: A Call for Social Justice

      This presentation was a workshop as part of Open Spirit Center’s Weekend of Spirit.
      Rooted in mindfulness, it addresses the question of why we avoid the important work          of anti-racism and how we can take action. 

      If you are interested in receiving more information on the 8-week course
      Mindful Anti-racism, click here.

     Presenter: Danielle Rousseau, PhD LMCH is a professor, researcher, clinical therapist,       and certified yoga teacher. Her focus is in both policy and practice. She considers               herself to be a scholar activist and a justice educator. Both her research and teaching
     are informed by her experience in the field of forensic psychology and trauma informed
     interventions. Dr. Rousseau’s professional focus has been in trauma services, gender
     advocacy, and advocating or equal access to justice.  She is a social justice researcher
     and practitioner.

  • Meditation for Teachers by Katherine McClean

  • Discussion and Practices for Gathering and Grounding by Kimberly McClure

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