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Mindfulness Practices Supporting Race & Equity

As we work together to do the difficult work ahead of us “to transform racism from the inside out,”  Ruth King, meditation teacher, diversity consultant, and author of, “Mindful of Race,”challenges us to “think clearly and respond wisely,” in an effort to not continue the “damage to the world’s heart.”  “Racism,” as stated by King, “is a heart disease. . . And it’s curable!”

Dr. Danielle Rousseau and Dr. Kelsey Evans-Amalu, instructors of Open Spirit’s course based on Ruth King’s book and the work of others, have prepared the following videos to share key mindfulness practices.  They have utilized a sampling of mindfulness practices from King’s work and from, “Stay Woke,” written by meditation teacher, Justin Michael Williams.


The videos can be utilized with any curriculum of racial justice. Though these videos are listed in a suggested order, they can be viewed in any order, supporting one to “cool the fires around race and race distress.” As King states, “Mindfulness practice supports us to examine our relationship to our racial history, beliefs, and impulses.”  These practices are an integral component as we do this most important work.


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