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Yoga Practices
Yoga Practices with Katherine McClean
In this video, participants will be led in an open-hearted flow of drawing energy up and down the body to achieve a more effective, more conscious way of relaxing.
In this practice, participants will be led to empty the stress in their bodies, leaving space in which to fill to a peaceful presence.
In this practice, we will warm up our bodies to prepare them for relaxing into extended stretches. Breathing in “calm” and breathing out “ease” we’ll settle into silence, nurturing our whole bodies with a deeper, more powerful presence.

Click on the image below to watch an hour long restorative yoga session. Recorded from our live event on 2/20/22.

Restorative Yoga with Live Harp Music with Katherine McClean & Shelley Otis.png

90-Minute Restorative Yoga with Harp Accompaniement

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